HUAWEI Moçambique participa no Fórum de Governação da internet em Moçambique 2021 Inclusão Digital

Huawei participated from 03 – 05 November in the first annual meeting FGIMz, which was attended by experts from the ICT sector, academics and economists from around the world. Among the speakers were the general director of Huawei Mozambique.

In this forum on Internet governance, which had several stakeholders and the participation of regulatory bodies and state and private institutions, and various services related to the digital area.

Hauwei presented several themes, of which with the most impact for Digital Inclusion and Vision and overview of the global digital economy. Showing the growth of leading industries helps to deeply reveal the process of development of the industrial revolution, bringing vision during the pandemic, where government authorities have again recognized the driving role of the ICT industry and accelerated social digital transformation.

Leaving your message Huawei Mozambique CEO says At the turning point of the cycle, countries must update their high-level strategy, compete for the high ground of science and technology, and lead the next industry leading round, where in terms of implementation, the governments of several countries have launched/updated policies and regulations conducive to the development of the ICT industry. New digital infrastructures become one of the main directions for economic recovery in post-pandemic relief.

“The digital economy is born with globalization and The digital telecommunications infrastructure networks, online digital platforms and digital data are the three key elements of the digital economic system. Governments play the role of professionals, motivators and constraints in the process of digital economy to promote development according to different conditions. One must actively take advantage of digitalization to improve management capabilities by creating an enabling environment for the development of digital technology, and supervise and guide the development of digital technologies” , said Hou Qiang (Antonio Hou) General Manager of Huawei Mozambique.

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